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R.I.P. HB1298 - Senate Fails To Veto

Magic City Equality is jubilant to announce that the North Dakota Senate's attempt to override Governor Doug Burgum's veto of HB1298 has failed.

The Senate voted 28-19 to override Governor Burgum's veto of HB1298. A two-thirds vote of the Senate — or 32 yea — was required. Earlier in the day, the North Dakota House of Representatives voted 68-25 to override the veto.

Magic City Equality would like to thank Sen. JoNell Bakke (D), Sen. Brad Bekkedahl (R), Sen. Jessica Bell (R), Sen. Kyle Davison (R), Sen. Dick Dever (R), Sen. Joan Heckaman (D), Sen. Kathy Hogan (D), Sen. Ray Holmberg (R), Sen. Karen Krebsbach (R), Sen. Curt Kreun (R), Sen. Judy Lee (R), Sen. Richard Marcellais (D), Sen. Doug Mathern (D), Sen. Erin Oban (D), Sen. Dave Oehlke (R), Sen. Merrill Piepkorn (D), Sen. Nicole Poolman (R), Sen. Kristin Roers (R), and Sen. Ronald Sorvaag (R), for voting NO on the override.

HB1298 is officially dead. However, the battle for equal rights for the LGBTQ2S+ community still lingers on as laws designed to harm the community continue to be introduced.

Also, on a side note: During the discussions prior to the House and Senate voting on HB1298, legislators have noted that the purpose of passing the bill was to protect female students and to provide a level, equal playing field. For legislators that are pushing for HB1298 in order to protect women and girls and provide them equality, these same legislators should then take steps to pass laws that would protect women and girls in all senses, in all occasions, rather than using womens rights as an excuse and a disguise for their own transphobic attitudes.

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