Show Us Your Pride


  • You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and a current resident of North Dakota in order to participate.

  • You will need to submit two (2) videos to Magic City Equality. Videos can be sent to: ​

    • The first video is a personal bio video, which will be no more than one minute and thirty seconds in length and in MP4 format, must include:

      • your first and last name (your legal name)

      • your age

      • your drag name

      • why you want to perform with Magic City Equality

      • what drag means to you

      • a little about your aesthetic and any background information 

    • The second video will be of your performance. This video must:

      • be unedited, single take footage

      • shot in landscape (turn your phone sideways)

      • any genre of music is allowed; covers are okay, but no mixes or remixes. (If you have questions, message Magic City Equality on Facebook messenger.)

      • must be under four (4) minutes in length (anything over four minutes will be disqualified)​

      • be sure there are no distractions or background noise in the video

      • Venmo, PayPal, or other apps for tipping must NOT be included in the video. 

      • Performances must not contain hate speech, racial slurs, drugs, obscenity, and/or pornography

  • The performance must show their representation of "Show Your Pride."

  • Performance videos will not be shared by performers on social media platforms​​ in any capacity until the two finalists are announced, and the performer has been given approval by Magic City Equality. 

  • Videos must be submitted by Saturday, May 30, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. (CST). 

  • All performers agree when sending their video application for the Show Us Your Pride showcase that they are a finalist. In doing so, they agree to understanding: 

    • expectations

    • rules

    • regulations of Magic City Equality drag shows

    • when their video will go live

    • the deadline

    • that Magic City Equality is at no fault for any issues

    • understanding the performer will be judged by a panel of performers and directors, who will address what the performer did great at, what they need work on, and that they will be judged on a point system. 

  • The two finalists will be competing for the Over The Rainbow 2020 crown at Magic City Equality's Neon Extravaganza on Saturday, September 5, 2020.  

    • The finalists must notify the show director (Jorden Laducer) one month prior of the event for music approval. ​

    • The finalists will be given two alternate music choices (director's choice) and must lip sync battle after the performer's solo number. 

    • Finalists are responsible for the cost of their own wardrobe, travel, room, etc., and all other costs associated with their performance. 

  • The winner of the Over The Rainbow 2020 crown will:

    • represent Magic City Equality

    • be under contract for one year (or until the next Pride festival in Minot)

    • be given one slot in other shows across North Dakota hosted by B.J. Armani (Grand Forks) and Janessa Jaye Champagne (Bismarck)

    • be given a marketing platform for promotion

    • will be given a forum at all Magic City Equality shows, with each show approved by the show director

    • be given a unique crown based on the Pride theme

  • The winner is obligated to:​

    • attend and perform at all Magic City Equality drag shows, including Pride 2021

    • attend all Magic City Equality hosted events during Pride 2021

    • will undergo a background check

    • be present for step down during Pride 2021

    • Promote ALL Magic City Equality events

    • not speak unkindly of Magic City Equality or other performers of shows. 


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